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Crystal Sound

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls
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What is Crystal Sound?

Crystal singing bowls are bowls made of very pure quartz crystal that 'sing' when they are struck with a mallet or when a mallet is moved round the outside of their rim. The therapeutic effects of pure resonant sound have been known to humanity for millennia. These effects are now being confirmed through scientific research and study. We are vibrational beings, and we can receive healing and transformation when our bodies, minds and souls are brought into coherence and resonance by being infused with pure sounds.

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are the most powerful and effective sound healing instruments I have met, and I knew immediately that I would work with them to bring more goodness and wholeness into our lives and into the world.

Each Alchemy bowl is extraordinary and unique. Very pure quartz is infused or plated during the creation of each bowl with other crystals, gemstones, precious metals and earth elements. This gives each bowl a unique and exquisite sound and energy.

The sounds and energies of the bowls go right through you at every level - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. They enable deep layers of the self to be accessed and healed.


They gently vibrate us back into our own true inner resonance and alignment, as knots in our different layers of consciousness dissolve. Physical healing occurs as the cells of our physical bodies are bathed in coherent, harmonious sound, much as a laser beam is effective because it is formed of coherent and focused light.

Because the sounds and energies of alchemy bowls are so loving and transparent, our consciousnesses and bodies respond by relaxing more deeply. In such a deeply relaxed state, healing, realignment and wholeness become much more easily available to us.

The pure resonances of the bowls also attune us to higher levels of consciousness, allowing for soul expansion and spiritual awakening.

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More than ever now, we need safe and effective ways to relax deeply, de-stress, and receive healing and care.

Crystal sound therapy does all this: it calms our overworked nervous systems, releases anxiety and fear, and pours loving care and healing into all aspects of our beings.

Crystal sound nourishes and re-energises us, and reawakens our inspiration and creativity. It gathers together our scattered selves and reconnects us with our hearts and our true hopes.

In each crystal sound session you feel completely bathed in the loving and healing sounds, which is why the experience is also called a 'soundbath'. You may find that you go on an inner journey, so another name for a session is a 'sound journey'.

There is nothing to do, nothing to think, nothing to believe - just relax and receive.


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Clara's sessions are exquisite experiences that can be likened to no other. Their power is amplified when Clara uses her extraordinary gifts of light languages and toning to connect the receiver with various levels of consciousness, facilitating purification, healing or initiation. I have experienced many healing sessions over the last 30 years but nothing compares to these, for which words do no justice. 

Anna Vanickova

(Mary Magdalene's School)

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