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Meet Clara

Clara walks the path of the heart, embodying the soul’s journey into the Light, Love, Beauty and Boundlessness of the Heart of Reality. 

In 2009 she received a profound spiritual awakening into a state of union with the Source of all, the opening of consciousness to the direct experience of Oneness.


She has loved singing and making music since early childhood. Sacred music, chant and pure sounds have always been a hugely important part of her life.


Her work as a sound therapist feels like a natural blossoming of all that she has learnt and experienced, expanding it and taking it (and her) to new levels of existence and possibility.

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In her work as a sound healer she holds the intention to allow every sound to arise out of goodness, grace, wisdom and wholeness, so that each session will be for the highest good of all who receive it.


She holds open a space of unconditional love and acceptance so that the healing may be gentle and powerful. She is committed to the growth and expansion of our consciousness as human-divine beings, and to the anchoring of higher frequencies of Divine Light on earth.

She loves to support others to heal, blossom, discover their magnificence, and embody the truth and light of their own Heart and the beauty of their soul's purpose in this life.

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Clara lives in a grove on the edge of the forest near the towns of Vézelay and Avallon in Burgundy, France. She is deeply connected to the lineages of Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, and Mother Mary, the realm of Avalon and the Lady of Avalon, the fairy and Elven realms, Lemuria, and the sacred traditions of India, Tibet and of the Celtic lands.


Her spiritual path has taken her through many religions and spiritual traditions. She has lived in the mountains of Wales as a hermit, and has trained as a priestess (interfaith minister) and spiritual counsellor in London, UK with the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation.


She is a fully qualified sound therapist and healer: she studied in the UK with the Crystal Sonic Practice of Crystal Singing Bowls UK

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