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For those who want to go deeper, the spiritual tours that Clara offers are designed to help you open to the deep wisdom, sacred energy and Divine Presence in and around the Basilica at Vézelay.

Enter into the flow of the Light that is here, connect with the spiritual lineages of Mary Magdalene, walk the path of initiation and transformation.

Contact Clara to book these tours. The price depends on the number of participants.

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Sacred Vézelay Immersion

The Basilica of Mary Magdalene in Vézelay was created as a vessel to hold deep wisdom teachings, and as a vehicle for powerful spiritual technologies which enable us to transform our consciousness. Encountering these teachings and technologies is an unforgettable experience. Clara will guide you to see them, understand them and experience them for yourself. The building itself and its stones and sculptures, the light that enters it, the relics of Mary Magdalene, all hold light codes of deep inner transformation. This tour is a beautiful introduction to the inner Mysteries of Vézelay.

2 hours

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Walking the Path to Union with God (Unity Consciousness)

Walk the 900-year-old circuit of spiritual teachings in the Basilica of Mary Magdalene, teachings that guide us on the path of inner transformation from duality and separation into wholeness and Christ Consciousness (unity consciousness, union with God). The light codes (the specific sacred energies) needed for this inner journey are anchored into the building itself and into the light that enters it. They are held in its stones, sculptures, architecture, windows, and crypt. This circuit of inner transformation is designed to purify and heal us so that we come fully into alignment with the Divine Light and can be reborn into Christ Consciousness. 

2 hours

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The Way of Love

On the sacred hill of Vézelay, held in the sacred architecture of the Basilica, are the teachings and transmissions of the Sacred Path of the Heart followed by Mary Magdalene and her beloved Yeshua. The Basilica itself is a physical expression of her Presence as a lineage holder in this pure Way of Love. At its heart in the crypt is an alcove, built into the rock over 1000 years ago, containing relics of her physical body and radiating her extraordinary energy signature. This tours also opens us to receive the wisdom and love held in the images of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua sculpted 900 years ago when the Basilica was rebuilt as a sacred vessel to preserve and transmit their lineage. 

2 hours

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Vézelay and Egypt

There is beautiful sacred wisdom and powerful light codes from the lineages of Christian and ancient Egypt flowing through the Basilica at Vézelay. These transmissions are held within the building, and dance through its sculptures and through the sunlight entering the Basilica. The transmissions are surprising and radiant, and reveal how the wisdom of ancient Egypt relates to  the spiritual path taught by Yeshua, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. These treasures are 'hidden in plain sight' in the Basilica of Vézelay.

2 hours

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Your tours are unforgettable and filled with magic. I wish I could experience them more often.

Margaryta, Sweden

A divine guided tour by Clara!

Wilma, The Netherlands

It was truly a transformative tour that you gave me, so I highly recommend a guided spiritual tour in and around the Basilica with Clara.

Bermath, The Netherlands

I would love to come again. The Basilica is amazing with your guidance.

Ancha, Sweden

Amazing, magical, angelic

Geraldine, Belgium

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