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Contact Clara to book these private tours, which are available all year round. The tours are for everyone - for individuals, couples, families, friends and groups. Clara will orient the tour to the interests of your group, whether you are visitors, pilgrims, locals, on retreat, or just passing through. Clara loves to make her tours interesting, informative and fun.

Tour prices depend on the number of participants. Click HERE for the price list.

N.B. There are no public tours of Vézelay Basilica or Vézelay town in English. If you would like a tour in English you need to book a guide!

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Basilica of St Mary Magdalene
Discovery Tour

75 minutes or 2 hours

Whether this is your first visit to Vézelay or you are returning here, experience the extraordinary presence of the Basilica. There is always more to discover, and it is so much more extraordinary with a guide! This tour combines history, spirituality, art and sculpture, architecture, sacred symbolism and pilgrimage.

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Basilica of St Mary Magdalene and Vézelay Town

2 hours

A 1-hour exploration of the picturesque medieval town of Vézelay, winding our way gently uphill towards the Basilica, discovering backstreets and alleys off the main tourist path. Followed by a 1-hour guided tour of the Basilica.

Alternatively this tour can begin with 1 hour in the Basilica and end with a 1-hour exploration of the town, walking gently downhill.


Basilica of St Mary Magdalene and Franciscan Hermitage of La Cordelle

2 hours

A 75-minute tour of the Basilica followed by a walk down through the town ramparts and trees to a 12th-13th century Franciscan hermitage. St Francis of Assisi himself sent two brothers to establish a presence in Vézelay in the year 1217, and there are still Franciscan brothers here today.

Basilica and Hermitage
Basilica and Town
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Themed Basilica Tours

90 minutes or 2 hours

Building with Sunlight

Find out how the builders used sunlight as an essential construction material!

Medieval Pilgrimage

Follow in the footsteps of those who visited Vézelay 900 years ago.

The Path to Inner Unity

Discover how the stages of the spiritual journey are written into the stones and light in the Basilica.

Crusades and the Medieval World

Kings, queens, crusaders and medieval life.

Masterpieces of Romanesque Art

Explore some of the extraordinary, multi-layered, 900-year-old sculptures in the Basilica.

The Mary Magdalene Connection

Discover the legends of Mary Magdalene in France, why her body was brought to Vézelay, and the stories behind the symbols and images of her in the Basilica.

Spiritual Wisdom in the Basilica

Explore some of the deep insights and universal wisdom held in the sculptures and architecture of the Basilica. Beautiful and unexpected, speaking to the heart!

The Egyptian Connection

Discover the fascinating links between the Basilica, ancient Egypt, the monks of the Egyptian deserts, and the Egyptian understanding of the spiritual journey.

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Customized Basilica Tour

90 minutes or 2 hours

Enjoy a tour of the Basilica at Vézelay that is oriented towards your own interests: art, sculpture, spirituality, history, sacred symbolism, architecture, the Christian tradition, pilgrimage, the medieval world, the crusades, Mary Magdalene, experiencing the Sacred, the inner journey to wholeness.

Clara will create a tour for you that weaves together the themes you have chosen.

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Les Fontaines Salées
Salt Springs

90 minutes

Visit the saltwater springs near Saint Père just south of Vézelay. First discovered in the Stone Age almost 4500 years ago, the waters were used by the Celts for healing and by the Romans who created a spa here. This visit is both outdoors and inside the small archeological museum on site. There is an entrance fee of 6.50€ per adult in addition to the tour price.

I highly recommend a tour of the Basilica with Clara

Deirdre, Ireland

Thank you so much again. We have not stopped talking about your tour. You were so wonderful.

Ginger and friends, USA

We were so blessed to be guided by Clara, with such beautiful knowledge and connection to Mary Magdalene.

Erika, Switzerland

I truly recommend working with Clara Goodheart.

Lore, Belgium

All the tours and walks are available 

from Monday to Saturday between 9am and 7pm, and on Sunday afternoons between 1.30pm and 5.30pm.

When you have chosen your tour,

contact me to make a booking. I will be in touch as soon as possible.

If you wish to book a tour for today or tomorrow,

please contact me by phone, text or WhatsApp on

+33 6 76 84 09 84.


The website of the Basilica of St Mary Magdalene

The Maison du Visiteur, who offer workshops and films about the Basilica which perfectly complement the tours I give.

The Vézelay Tourist Office website

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