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Crystal Sound Sessions 

What happens in a session

A crystal sound session is a loving and beautiful way to give yourself and others time out from daily life to let go of busyness, receive care and healing, and feel restored and re-energised.

In my sound sessions and soundbaths I intuitively create a unique and beautiful cocoon of healing sound and energy, infused with unconditional Love and Light.

You may be so relaxed that you fall asleep during the session, and the great advantage of sound healing is that this makes absolutely no difference to the effectiveness of the work I am doing for you.

Many people are lost for words at the end of a crystal sound session; they simply cannot find a way to express how all-encompassing the release, healing and reintegration has been. You feel cleansed, embraced in kindness and caring, and deeply restored to yourself.

A regular dose of pure crystal sound resets the system and reactivates the body's innate capacity to heal itself.

In-Person Sessions
2, 3 and 4 People

In-Person Sessions near Vézelay in Burgundy

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Individual Sessions
2 hours

An individual treatment session is a deeply beautiful experience, a sacred ceremony in which you are enveloped in exquisite sound and healing energy.

Before the session, Clara will have taken time to tune in to you at an energetic level so that she can choose the crystal singing bowls that will most fully resonate with your soul.

We begin by talking about your desires and intentions for the session, what particular results you are looking to achieve.

You will lie on a comfortable mattress in a dedicated healing space with the energies of all the crystal singing bowls around you. Clara will guide you in a peaceful meditation to relax deeply.


She will work with the bowls around and sometimes on your body. She will use her voice to tone, and to channel healing languages and light languages, and for shamanic clearing if necessary.

At the end of the session she allows plenty of time for you to assimilate the healing energy you have received. She will share the insights she received during the session, and allow time for talking therapy if that is needed.

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Sessions for 2 to 6 People
2 hours

A small group session is a very special 'time out' to receive the healing power of the bowls with family and friends.

Before the session, Clara will tune in to the energies of the group and select the bowls that will most fully enable the intentions of each person to be deeply met.

When you arrive, you will each have the opportunity to say what you would like the session to achieve for you.

You will be lying on comfortable mattresses in my beautiful healing space. I will guide you in a meditation to relax deeply so that the healing can be as effective as possible.


I will work on the group as a whole, and also work on each of you individually during the session. In addition to the singing bowls, I use my voice to channel healing languages and to tone during the session.

After the sound healing, Clara will share with your the insights she received during the session and allow time for your comments and questions.

Sessions for 7 to 20 People
2 hours

These sessions take place in my gorgeous sound healing temple. They follow the same format as for small group sessions, apart from the sharing of intentions before we begin.

I will still work on everyone individually (just briefly!) during the session.

Daytime temple for 8 again.jpg
Evening temple for 8.jpg

For those who receive an in-person session ~

I have a selection of crystals for sale. These crystals come from the crystal shop in Avalon (Glastonbury in the UK, by the Abbey) are in energetic resonance with my alchemy crystal singing bowls. They can be placed by the bowls during your session to charge them up.

You are also welcome to bring your own crystals to place by the bowls during your session.


Distance (Recorded) Sessions

Distance Sessions
20191112_214240 copy.jpg


 Healing Sessions

Individual distance healing with the singing bowls happens in two stages, so it is like having two sessions in one!


You will book a time for your session with Clara just as if it were an in-person session. At that time, we will have a 10-15 minute video call. Clara will ask you about your intentions for healing and what in particular you would like her to work on.

She will then invite you to switch off all phones, computers and gadgets, take a glass of water with you, and lie down for 75 minutes in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Simply allow yourself to rest and receive.

During this time Clara will work on your healing remotely, and she will record 60 minutes of pure healing sounds and energies for you.

She will send you a link to download the high-quality audio recording (.wav) later that day. You can listen to the recording at a time that suits you, lying down again in a quiet place. The recording carries the same quality of healing energy that you would receive in the presence of the bowls.


Soundbaths for Individuals, Couples and Families

If you would like to receive a distance session with the crystal singing bowls for you and your partner/family, Clara will record an exquisite 30-minute or 60-minute bespoke soundbath for you. These soundbaths are also available for individuals who are not looking to work on specific issues for healing.

Clara will ask you to send her the names of each person for whom the soundbath is intended. She will attune to the energy of each person, and create a beautiful sound journey for you. 

She will let you know when she will be recording your sound journey, so that if you wish you can take that time simply to relax and receive.

Later that day you will receive a link to download the high-quality audio recording (.wav) of your soundbath.


Clara suggests that you create a beautiful quiet space in which you can lie down, and listen to the recording all together, using the best quality speaker(s) you have.

Sessions for Larger Groups

Larger groups

Clara is available to give soundbaths for groups of up to 30 people, and also to give crystal sound sessions for individuals and small groups at your event or gathering.

When she travels with her Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, she creates a beautiful and nurturing energetic space for healing, harmonisation and personal transformation.

She attunes to the group's energy and intentions, and selects the singing bowls and chimes that will best and most lovingly enable those intentions to be met.

You will be bathed in an exquisite flow of pure crystal sound and healing energy. This is a profound and unforgettable experience, and each soundbath is completely unique.

For more information about prices and availability, please contact Clara.

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