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Crystal Sound

Sound Healing and Soundbaths

For Deep Relaxation, Realignment, Healing, and Spiritual Growth

Sessions in English and/or in French

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How is crystal sound good for you?

Clara works with the beautiful pure sounds and transformative vibrational energies of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls to bring deep relaxation, healing and realignment for your whole being. Here are some of the effects that a healing session or soundbath with Clara and her bowls can produce:

Relaxes you completely and releases tension

De-toxes and de-stresses

Releases tiredness and exhaustion

Promotes better sleep

Cleanses the physical and emotional bodies

Brings physical, emotional and spiritual healing

Re-energises and nourishes body, mind and spirit

Realigns and harmonises all aspects of your being

Reawakens your creativity

Activates soul expansion and spiritual growth

Clara offers luxury in-person crystal sound sessions for up to 20 people at her home in the Vézelay - Avallon region of Burgundy, France.


She also gives distance sessions for individuals, couples and families: you will receive an audio recording of the session which you can download and keep.


Clara also offers soundbaths, sound healing journeys and attunements for larger groups and events.

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A sound healing session is focused on the specific issues you are looking to heal.

A soundbath is less focused on specific issues, and instead is directed towards a general cleansing and recalibration - a 'system reset' for your whole being.

In fact these two ways of working often flow in and out of each other as Clara attunes during the healing session or soundbath to what is needed in the moment.

A crystal sound session makes a very special and beautiful gift for loved ones and friends.

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In-Person Sessions in Burgundy, France


Receive deeply loving nourishment, healing and reharmonisation for body, soul and spirit. Relax, de-stress and de-tox. Become more present and centred in yourself, and more aligned with your heart's deep truth. Open further to the unconditional Love and Light at the core of your being.

You will be lying on a comfortable mattress in a beautiful space, guided into deep relaxation and bathed in exquisite crystalline sounds and healing energies. For groups of up to 6 people, Clara will work specifically on each person's intentions for healing and personal transformation. 

A Crystal Sound Session is a profound and powerful experience, and each session is completely unique.

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Distance (Recorded) Sessions



Clara offers distance healing sessions for individuals, and bespoke recorded soundbaths for individuals, couples and families. For all of these you will receive a high-quality downloadable audio recording (.wav) which you can listen to again and again, like having your very own CD recorded especially for you.

The healing and reharmonisation are just as effective as if you were receiving the session or soundbath in person. The recording holds all the power and energy and beauty that Clara creates in live sessions.

You will be able to relax in the comfort of your own home, and allow the crystal sounds and vibrations to flow through you to heal and restore you at the deepest level.




Clara's sessions are exquisite experiences that can be likened to no other. Their power is amplified when Clara uses her extraordinary gifts of light languages and toning to connect the receiver with various levels of consciousness, facilitating purification, healing or initiation. I have experienced many healing sessions over the last 30 years but nothing compares to these, for which words do no justice. 

Anna Vanickova

(Mary Magdalene's School)

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Meet Clara

Clara is a fully qualified Sound Therapist, an intuitive healer, a mystic, and a trained spiritual companion and counsellor. After 50 years as a singer and musician, and 45 years on the spiritual path, her two passions have now come together in her work with crystal sound.

Clara is deeply connected with the sacred feminine lineage of the Heart and lives close to the Mary Magdalene energy centre of Vézelay in Burgundy.

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Crystal Sound

Clara works with gorgeous and exquisite Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. These special bowls are made of very pure quartz crystal which is infused or plated with other crystals, precious metals and minerals. Each bowl is unique, has a luminous crystalline intelligence, and holds the energy of unconditional love. It is a great delight to experience the profound healing and transformation which these bowls awaken.

Crystal Sound
Meet Clara
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