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My name is Clara Goodheart. I am an Englishwoman with a deep spiritual connection to Vézelay and the surrounding area. After visiting the Basilica of St Mary Magdalene every year for almost 20 years, I finally knew it was time to move here.


Living close to Vézelay since 2019, I experience the beauty, power, peace and light that is here, and love to share this special sacred place with those who come to visit it.

I am an experienced tour guide; I used to live in Paris and have shown many people around that beautiful city. I am also a trained spiritual companion, a former nun and hermit, and an ordained interfaith minister. I also have a doctorate (PhD) from the University of Oxford.


I speak many languages of the Heart and however you conceive of the Sacred, I will be able to connect with you and share the specialness of Vézelay with you.

I have explored many spiritual traditions and have a deep knowledge of the Christian tradition and its symbolism. The Basilica of St Mary Magdalene is like a precious book written in stone and light. I will give you the tools and understandings you need in order to approach it, to read its message, and to receive the sacred realities it is offering to us. 

I will answer your questions about St Mary Magdalene's connection to France, why relics of holy people are kept, why go on pilgrimage, and what a medieval pilgrim would have experienced in Vézelay. 

I will also show you the hidden paths in and around the town, the back streets and those lovely hidden corners that you might not discover on your own. 

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My guided tours are for everyone: visitors, pilgrims, spiritual explorers, lightworkers, those on holiday or on retreat ...

They are a 'time out of time' when you can truly slow down, release the many distractions of modern life, and rediscover a sense of your own inner centre and your own connection with all that surrounds you.

The tours are both inner and outer pilgrimages, and I love to make them fun, interesting and informative for everyone, and to leave you with a sense of having reconnected to something precious within yourself and in the world around you.

Clara Goodheart

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