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Spiritual Counselling

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Spiritual counselling supports you to grow into the fullness of your True Self and to experience ever-deepening connection and union with the Source of All.


Clara offers open-hearted listening and a loving acceptance of all that you are. Her counselling sessions, in person or online, combine psychological and spiritual exploration. 

What is the deep truth of your Heart? How can you live this truth and fully express the light of your soul? How can you become more authentic, more centred, more alive and present? How can you become more loving, caring and gentle towards yourself and others? 

What does it mean to connect and be in union with the Source of All, to God/Goddess, Great Mystery, the Uncreated, the Unborn, the Nondual? How can you enter more and more into this Reality within which everything exists? How can you experience for yourself the Unconditional Love and Light at the core of your being?

Clara provides a safe, gentle and caring environment in which to explore whatever you bring to the session. She offers you the insights and wisdom of her 45-year journey on the spiritual path, and 30 years of commitment to psychological growth and healing.


Clara has a deep understanding and experience of many religious and spiritual traditions. Her own journey has taken her through atheism into traditional and mystical Christianity, Buddhism, the nondual teachings of Hinduism, Sufism, shamanism, and many modern spiritualities. She finds herself now in an inner place beyond all religions, spiritualities and beliefs, and yet connected to all of them at their core.


She can especially support you to heal your relationship with your current or former religion/spirituality, to cope with your grief if you have left it behind, and to understand the deeper truths it contains. She can also help you to find ways to continue your inner journey that are truly nourishing and loving for you.


Clara loves to support you to heal, blossom, discover your magnificence, and embody the truth and light of your own Heart and the beauty of you soul's purpose in this life.

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Clara's own journey is to walk this path of the Heart into the Light, Love, Beauty and Boundlessness of the Source of All. 

In 2009 she received a profound spiritual awakening into a state of union with God, the opening of consciousness to the direct experience of Oneness. Since this time she has received many beautiful insights that help her to make sense of religion and spirituality, and to understand what is good and helpful for those on the spiritual path today.

Clara lives on the edge of a forest near the towns of Vézelay and Avallon in Burgundy, France. She is deeply connected to the lineages of Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, and Mother Mary, the realm of Avalon and the Lady of Avalon, the fairy and Elven realms, Lemuria, and the sacred traditions of India, Tibet and of the Celtic lands.


She has lived in the mountains of Wales as a nun and hermit, and trained as a spiritual counsellor and interfaith minister (she often uses the word 'priestess') in London, UK with the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation.

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