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Clara Goodheart

Crystal Sound Healing and Soundbaths
with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Sacred Vézelay Guided Tours
and Spiritual Tours

Spiritual Counselling

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Sacred Vézelay

Clara gives private guided tours of the extraordinary Basilica of St Mary Magdalene in Vézelay, Burgundy. She also gives tours of the town of Vézelay and the local area. Her tours are for groups of all sizes from 1 to 40 people.

She offers introductory tours, bespoke tours tailored to your particular interests, and themed tours. She gives tours for visitors, pilgrims and those who stay here on retreat.

For spiritual explorers, lightworkers and those who want to go deeper into the spiritual Realities and inner Light that are so beautifully real and accessible here, Clara offers special spiritual tours.

There are no public tours in English in Vézelay! If you would like a tour here, you will need to book a guide.

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Crystal Sound

Clara gives luxury in-person sound healing sessions and soundbaths for up to 20 people at her home in the Vézelay - Avallon region of Burgundy, France.

She works with the exquisite sounds and vibrations of alchemy crystal singing bowls to bring deep relaxation, healing, and realignment to your whole being.


She also gives distance sessions for individuals, couples and families: you will receive an audio recording of the session which you can download and keep.


Clara is also available for soundbaths and sound healing sessions at events and retreats.

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Spiritual Counselling

Clara is a fully qualified spiritual counsellor and spiritual companion. She has been journeying on the spiritual path for over 40 years and has a deep understanding and experience of many religious and spiritual traditions.


She offers open-hearted listening and a loving acceptance of all that you are. Her counselling sessions combine psychological and spiritual exploration. The core intention of every session is to support you to grow into the fullness of your True Self, and to connect more deeply with the Source of All.

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